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The Reasons Behind Women Love Break-up

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The Reasons Behind Women Love Break-up
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Extreme Love Too Much Doubt … Which of the following is the primary cause of women’s break-up?

“You and I don’t agree; Co-ordinate So, let’s break up ” – This generation’s love failure breaks or ends a relationship in a single word, “break – up.” Breakup is good for letting the life of love go, the acid, and the knife. At the same time, what are the external and internal factors that make today’s women ‘break-up for a love …’, says Marital Psychologist Vasuki Mathivannan.

” Women in their twenties today are talking about love too fast. The division is also fast-paced. ‘Let’s give the concerned man another chance; Or “let us think a little before we say ‘let’s break'” For this, it is the cell phone that helps them express their feelings instantly. (This reasoning is geared not only to women but also to men) Break-up is the same cell phone that promptly prompts the division of many lovers today. Read More From Vikatan.com


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