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Barefoot Counselling Certification Training (BFCT)

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Barefoot counselling is a practical, hands-on approach for managers to understand, guide, motivate, and improve the behaviour and performance of their employees, peers, customers and team members. It will help appreciate the emotional well-being of a person and human behaviour, and create a conducive office culture and amity among workers. This keeps workers motivated and they perform to the best of their capabilities.

The course will introduce you to –

  • the basics of Barefoot Counselling to assist in building relationships
  • a better understanding of human behaviour
  • identifying and responding to mental health issues
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and its techniques
  • the role of a manager as a supervisor
  • workplace ethics and morality


It’s a three-day course with presentations, role play, case discussions, practice sessions and assessment. It’s good for your personal and professional development, and it empowers you with the necessary management skills.