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Explore for PROFOUND improvements to change the way you think, feel, perform and live. Explore the possibilities with Explore Counselling to create a new you.

The Barefoot Counselling Certification Training course (BFCT) This Program has been explicitly designed for Managers and Leaders at all levels.
She provides coaching(Half a day,Full day) and individual counseling for the following: 1.Professional: a)Work…
Seminars/Workshops conducted: 1. Conducted training programmes like Stress Management,Enhancing Emotional…
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We live in an era where we face many challenges – rampant globalization, giant-leaps in technology, and constant changes in the socio-cultural and economic scenarios. As a result, we find ourselves under constant pressure to perform and it upsets the equilibrium of our lives. Overcoming this pressure and facing these challenges is no easy task. This is where professional help comes in. It helps regain the balance and maintain equilibrium to ensure harmony in our livesRead More

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Thulir, CoFounder and Director
Dr. Vasuki Mathivanan, Ph.D. is a counselling Psychologist for several schools, colleges, and corporate institutions. With over 18 years of experience in the field of teaching, counselling, research and psychological assessments, she has conducted various workshops for parents, teachers and students of many academic institutions. (more…)