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Explore for PROFOUND improvements to change the way you think, feel, perform and live. Explore the possibilities with Explore Counselling to create a new you.

The Barefoot Counselling Certification Training course (BFCT) This Program has been explicitly designed for Managers and Leaders at all levels.
She provides coaching(Half a day,Full day) and individual counseling for the following: 1.Professional: a)Work…
Seminars/Workshops conducted: 1. Conducted training programmes like Stress Management,Enhancing Emotional…
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Happiness and the power to achieve it are within us. Sometimes, it seems that we’ve lost it and we can’t find it anymore. When we feel powerless to find happiness and pursue our goals, worries and negative thoughts take over.Your mind has remarkable powers – it controls your thoughts and your health. Yes, under the immense pressure of performance and the varied challenges you face, it is increasingly becoming difficult to find that strength. You are not alone – everyone goes through it at one time or the other. At Explore Counselling, we play a critical role in supporting you through these difficult phases of life. We provide support, early grooming so you are better prepared for the challenges in future, personal counselling and group activities in varied ways. We have professionals in the field to assess and guide you in the right direction.
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Ms.Narmadha Arul
President,Inner wheel club of Madras- Fort
Dr.Vasuki's session on "Connecting and Communicating Successfully with People", especially the emphasis on the point that "the way we communicate is more important rather than what we communicate" and her tips on "How to start a conversation and the words to avoid to maintain a cordial relationship" made many people think about their attitude. On the whole, it was an informative and useful session. Those who attended wanted a more lengthy session with Dr.Vasuki.

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