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International certification on ” Supervisor Training”

HomeInternational certification on ” Supervisor Training”

The International Certification on Supervisor Training is based on the RISEUP Model

The RISE UP Model: As per the Armstrong Model of Supervision a professional supervisor needs to cover four specific areas of supervision

  1. Identifying any mental or emotional health issues.
  2. Educating/guiding the supervisee about professional matters.
  3. Assisting the counselee to develop themselves as an expert within accepted guidelines.
  4. Promoting business-building skills/or career development, as appropriate.


The course was written and designed by Philip Armstrong, PhD
Australian Version7: November 2017

Dr. Vasuki Mathivanan who is ACA certified, and a member of the ACA College of Supervisors conducts the ‘Supervisor Training’ that is jointly certified by the Indian Academy of Professional Supervisors (IAPS) and the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).