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A lot more needs to be done in the field of mental health and well-being, and urgently. It has to cut across from the top levels of work and the affluent to the rushed lower-level executives, community workers and the youth. Hectic lifestyles and demanding work performances, shrinking monthly savings and the rising cost of living have made it invaluable to maintain our mental balance.

With our bouquet of well-informed and accomplished professionals, we reach out farther and wider through our seminars and workshops. We present you with a few such successful, well-received sessions:

  • Training Programmes like Stress Management, Enhancing Emotional Resilience, Career Development, Self-awareness and such for several corporates.
  • Parenting Workshops for Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL) employees.
  • Sensitization Workshop for Women Police, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Time Management Workshop for M.Ed. students at the National College of Education for Women (NKT), Chennai, India.
  • Lecture on ‘Effective Counselling Prior to Recession’ at MGR Janaki College, Chennai.
  • Sessions on Learning styles, Strategies of Effective Teaching for teachers.
  • Personality Development Programmes for various schools and college students in Chennai.
  • Excited to share that we’ve just wrapped up an incredibly rewarding training session! It’s been a privilege to be in XIM( Xavier Institute of Management),one of the prestigious Institutes in India and guiding , empowering Students of Psychology to reach new heights.
  • Seminars on Guidance and Counselling, National Youth Services Council, Sri Lanka.
  • Orientation Programme at Sathyabama Dental College, Chennai.