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Thulir, CoFounder and Director
Dr. Vasuki Mathivanan, Ph.D. is a counselling Psychologist for several schools, colleges, and corporate institutions. With over 18 years of experience in the field of teaching, counselling, research and psychological assessments, she has conducted various workshops for parents, teachers and students of many academic institutions. (more…)
Ms.Narmadha Arul
President,Inner wheel club of Madras- Fort
Dr.Vasuki's session on "Connecting and Communicating Successfully with People", especially the emphasis on the point that " The way we communicate is more important rather than what we communicate"  and her tips on "How to start a conversation and the words to avoid to maintain a cordial relationship" made many people think about their own attitude. On the whole it was an informative and useful session. Those who attended wanted a more lengthy session with Dr.Vasuki
Organizing Committee Chairman, Inner Wheel Club of Madras Fort
On behalf of Inner Wheel Club of Madras Fort, we thank you  for being our guest speaker on  the topic-connecting and communicating successfully with people during our seminar STHREE2020. We appreciate your valuable inputs on effective communication and the power of communication in connecting to people. It was indeed a thought provoking session. We are looking forward to more such programmes with you!!!
Dept of Psychology, Madras University
“We thank you for addressing our students on the role of Psychologist in Corporate Sector. Your presentation was appreciated by our students for its simplicity and clarity in which you drive home the importance of work life balance and applying SWOT analysis to their own goal setting. Hope to have more academic interactions with you.”
K B Sindhuja
Executive Committee Member Yuva Shakthi
“We are profoundly grateful to you for having been a Resource Person for the Girls' Counselling Program organised by Yuva Shakthi on 16th February, 2013 at Dharmambal Government Women Polytechnic, Taramani and addressed the students on the "Psychological Challenges faced by Girls".
Principal Vivekanandha Academy, Kangayam
I have known Mrs.Vasuki as a Psychological Consultant since 2006. It’s not flattery that she is a unique psychologist, I mean it. The simple & unusual strategies adopted by her to diagnose the causes of the issue/ concern/ problem and the apt. follow up offered by her are indeed scientific and original. The sessions organized by her for Teachers, Parents and students are not only pertinent to the group of listeners to gain knowledge about unexplored spheres of their life but also enhance the selves of each individual participant. The sessions conducted by Mrs.Vasuki in our School for Teachers, Parents and Students are indeed awakening and informative those have really served as guidelines towards peaceful living.
Department of Psychology, University of Madras (July 2018)
On behalf of IInd Yr MSc HRD Psychology, I thank you for taking the time to conduct a workshop on the topic of stress management skills at work. It was a pleasure connecting with you and hearing how energizing you are in delivering the content to us. (more…)
I had an amazing experience taking part in the internship. The mock sessions gave me an opportunity to open up and speak, which I've never done before. The presentations made me look at the client's issues from a counselor's perspective rather than just conceive the concepts theoretically. Also, every single class was conducted in an interactive manner, which made everyone open up, ask questions and discuss. I just wish we had more time in terms of the duration of the internship so that we could have learned even more. Otherwise, I had an enriching experience overall.
The session begin from the basic knowledge of corporate counseling steps process and do dont's. Huge thanks to Vasuki ma'am who brought different field experts and made this entire session more interactive .
This internship gave us a good insight on the practical knowledge and it was very useful for us to apply the theory part on mock sessions. Also came to know that the art therapy and the nutrition part is involved in the counseling process on the whole we gained a vast idea of what's the process and steps of the counselling process to the client on practical set up.
This internship is informative & interactive, practical learning session was very helpful.. I enjoyed art therapy overall it was good and Happy learning😇 thank you mam
Thanks for giving a great insight and learning of both corporate counselling and counselling as well.Interactive sessions and practice mock sessions made the sessions interesting as well gave the knowledge.Arranging guests speakers for certain topics also made the session very interesting and insightful.
This internship was very helpful to me, with lots of practical classes I have gained knowledge in corporate set up. And also this internship was very interacting so that it's was an  interesting internship even though it happened via online.
Major S Malini (Retd)
The sessions during the internship were extremely insightful and offered great learning. The importance of micro skills and non verbal skills was explained in a wonderful way to the learners using practical approach. The key takeaways being positive psychology and maintaining a non judgmental attitude. Looking forward for a continued association.
It was such a pleasure interning with you. The sessions were well structured, interesting and covered practical aspects including the unspoken nuances of being a counsellor. There was never a dull moment and we were always left wanting more. J. The professionalism and the calm, positive energy that you exude are definitely aspects that we could well imbibe as not just counsellors, but in life..  Let me just say you have helped me decide on counselling as my second career. Thank you.
Dhivyadeepa E
Truly speaking, I din’t even know the specific terms in Counselling psychology when I started the internship. It really helped me to know about terms which we should use while counselling. When the practice session, you had given a lots of information related to different dimensions of psychology. Really I am grateful to attend the internship under your supervision.
Rajeev Kumar Singh
Principal Vivekanandha Academy, Kangayam
Honestly speaking, it is very difficult to summaries our learning of Internship in few words. It was pleasure learning counselling psychology practically. Learning various steps of counselling was best one. Presentation by all interns under your able guidance was very good. I will always be grateful to you for the experience I acquired during Internship.
Sarayu Raghavan
In my honest opinion, we really got the essence of Psychology learning through the internship with you. All the details, input and presentations was really in-depth and well presented. Proud and honored to do the internship with you.
Yoganathan K
Principal Vivekanandha Academy, Kangayam
I have really got the good knowledge of Psychology learning through the internship with you.The input & presentations was really nice.I am really happy to do the internship with you.
The internship under your able guidance was very informative ,enriching and at the same time made me feel very grounded as it opened my horizons to the amount of learning ahead in the field of Psychology and the impact we can impart on the society as a whole. The different segments of our internship like
  1. Presenting theories by interns
  2. Interactive learning with us
  3. Different presentations on various dimensions in counselling
  4. Most importantly Role plays,
Was not only insightful but also showed us how much learning is necessary to inculcate the right skills. Overall learned a lot and still believe have  lots of learning ahead from you personally and professionally ma'am.
Mr.Kumar Saurabh
DM-HR, Organization Design & Development ,NLC India Limited, Neyveli
The best part of internship was that it was so well crafted that it gave us at least a touch base on the whole spectrum of counselling psychology and psychotherapy. The added elements with a guest lecture  and sharing of perspective by a clinical psychologist was cherry on top. Getting insights on key micro skills and getting to practice few of them through role plays both on the client side and counselor side was immense first hand exposure. Internship acted as a true edifice and our entire application for grooming into a potential successful counselor can now be catapulted. Hope we continue to have this association with you in some form or another and continue to learn from you and add our perspective and new dimensions into the profession with our continually growing experience and expertise.
Prathema P
The sessions were quite insightful. They helped me to pay attention to tiny details that I usually overlook. Thank you for highlighting the fact that which ever approach feels comfortable for us is the starting point. There is a long way to go. I have come to realize that working together as a team is a lot more useful that working alone.
IGNOU Intern batch
I would like to start by thanking you for the opportunity given to me. Amidst covid / lockdown and your hectic schedule, thank you for conducting this internship with great poise and patience. It was very informative and innovative. It was a great pleasure to be trained under your guidance.
Thank you for your golden words that motivated me to work towards success in my passion. There were lot of things to be learnt and unlearnt to become a successful counselor. Thank you once again for identifying those areas for me.
We owe it to you!!