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Dr.Vasuki Mathivanan PhD., is an accomplished Psychologist with over 2 decades of experience in the field of mental health. She has extensive experience in Training, Teaching, Counselling and Clinical supervision.

On completion of her PhD from the University of Madras, she started her career as a freelance Psychologist in Chennai when the field of mental health was in its nascent stage. To channelise and consolidate her vast experience and to render a noble service to the Society, she established “Explore Counselling” (https://Explorecounselling.com), an organization with the committed motto of “Hopeless to Hopeful”.

She is the first ACA (Australian Counselling Association) certified Supervisor in India and the member of ACA college of supervisors. She is an EAP consultant for organisations and regularly conducts trainings and workshops exclusively for Mental Health Professionals, Managers and Team leaders of organizations. She has also conducted workshops and seminars on various topics in countries like UK, Malaysia, Australia, DOHA and Sri Lanka. Having interacted with multidimensional stakeholders in the field of Mental Health over two decades, she felt a compelling need to support and monitor mental health professionals to hone their skills so that they deliver an effective therapy to their clients. This need, coupled with her association with international experts in the field of counselling and psychology gave a birth to the establishment of “Indian Academy of Professional Supervisors.” She is the Founder /President of IAPS.

Our Team

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Dr. Veena comes to us with a holistic background. She has been a practicing Counseling Psychologist for over 10 years. She is a trained Homeopath and she incorporates her extensive clinical knowledge in Psychotherapy practice. Veena earned her M.Sc. in Psychology, M.Sc. in Counseling& Psychotherapy and is currently pursuing her M.Sc. Counseling and Family Therapy program.  She has been associated as an Assistant Professor of Psychology for Physiotherapy students in BIHER and Post graduate students in Tamil Nadu Open University for the past 7 years.

She has been working in a corporate as Wellness Consultant for the past 3 years and has the experience of conducting various workshops and EAP sessions for Corporate like Scope e-knowledge, SPI Global and S2S HR Forum.

Dr. Veena has received her training from Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF), Chennai and completed her internship with the Department of Psycho-oncology, Cancer Institute, Chennai, India. Veena coordinated sessions on Psycho oncology in the 4th International Conference on Integrative Oncology held on February 2020 at Kochi, India.

She underwent training in Life skills under the guidance of Dr.KishoreKumar who was pioneer in Life skills at BALM, The Banyan Academy of Leadership and Mental Health. She had conducted Programs on Life Skills for various schools and was the resource person for Webinar of “Life Skill – The need of its mainstream curriculum” conducted by The Tamil Nadu Engineering College, Coimbatore.

She completed her course on Professional Supervision from IAPS (Indian Academy of Professional Supervisors) in collaboration with Australian Counseling Association (ACA).

She has participated in over 50 National and International conferences and workshops, besides presenting over 20 papers. She has received 3 best paper awards and published the same in International and National Journals and also Scopus Index.

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Sayee Bhuvaneswari is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach and a Counselling Psychologist . She stepped into entrepreneurship world after almost 20 years of association with Big Corporates like Hitachi, HCL as part of their Senior Management establishing new operations and managing their regional sales and operations in  Middle East, Asia and India. She also worked as Chief Operating Officer for an Asian Start up in India. She is a founder of Meraki Consulting which mentor various start-ups on their Go to market strategies. With her quest to understand human minds and give back to society, she started Dheemahi Mind Matters through which she provides Life Coaching , Wellness Coaching, Counselling Services ,Workshop Facilitations etc. covering Corporates ,Institutions and Individuals. She is a Practitioner of Reality Therapy, HypnoTherapy and NLP.  She is a motivational speaker in many forums .

She is an Engineer with Masters in Management and Psychology .She is also a PhD Research Scholar .

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After over fifteen years of teaching in both schools and colleges, SuryaRekha began training to become a counselor at Asha Counseling Centre, Coimbatore, in 2009. She has completed M.Sc. Psychology from the Madras University having done B Ed and MPhil in English Literature earlier. She did the ACE programme with the Chennai Counselor’s Foundation and subsequently she interned under Dr. Keerthi Pai, a Clinical psychologist. and volunteered to work as a counsellor at Sri Ramakrishna Math Student Home, Stella Maris and Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan. From 2017 she has been Consultant Psychologist at V Excel Educational Trust where apart from counselling adults she also counsels parents for Early Intervention.  She does assessments, play and art therapy for children and young adults.  She has some training in Family Therapy and Transactional Analysis. She is a certified CTRT counsellor.