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1 Jan 2018

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1 Jan 2018
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The month of December is the most happening month (not due to Tsunami, Chennai floods or CycloneVardha) in Chennai for few reasons. Year after year December in Chennai sports a pleasant weather, many auspicious celebrations of Music, Dance through concerts and the most delicious food @ sabhas. The Month Marghali (Tamil month of December) signifies the glory of Andal-ஆண்டாள் (one and only woman saint among Alwars). Whenever I read about her or mentioning of the name Andal reminds me of the word “ Unconditional Love” that leads to many questions in my mind. Is it possible to have an unconditional love? Might be possible in virtual relationships- like in the case of Aandal and Lord Krishna. (A virtual relationship via social media is the most prominent challenge social network freaks face in this present day. Let me talk about it later)

Unconditional Love, The very word is many times misleading. How possible it’s to have a relationship/ friendship without any conditions. A relationship is different from that of friendship, especially concerning commitments. Having commitments in relationship/ friendship is very much required to nurture the bonding. A simple gesture like having a  lemon tea while discussing a frequent topic of interest or communicating via more emoticons that are personal and special between the two. How else you can show that to the other person when you say that you value someone.  Or else it will be a hi-bye type of friendship that we have with many people that we come across in different phases of our life. As long as you take care of not intruding into other person’s personal space, its ok to have conditions in a relationship provided you are aware of the significance of a person and where he/ she lies in your relationship plot.

As one is not sure where to place the other person, confusions and conflicts happen in any relationship. ( I recall one of my clients, a woman aged 56 stating that she likes to place her son in the last circle in the relationship plot- clearly implying her disappointment and emotional pain she undergoes as a mother).

It is not about conditional or unconditional love. But one has to be aware of their Relationship Plot. Graphics of circle in the relationship plot represents the degree of significance of a person in one’s life and will help a person to identify the important people in their lives and discover the nature of gaps and device the ways to strengthen relationships and kind of commitment that relationship requires. Considering the present Lifestyle, Becoming aware of your relationship Plot is much needed to lead a stress-free life.


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