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Internship Program Chettinad Academy for Research and Education

HomeInternshipInternship Program Chettinad Academy for Research and Education
Internship Program Chettinad Academy for Research and Education
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Successfully completed another year of internship  -A group of 18 students from the Department of Counselling Psychology, Chettinad Academy for Research and Education.
Some Reflections from Interns

Firstly,On behalf of second year students of Msc Counselling Psychology from Chettinad Academy of Research and Education I would like to extend a heartfelt gratitude to Dr Vasuki for taking time from her busy schedule and conducting a Internship on Corporate Counselling in such a short notice. The entire internship was very engaging and insightful. It was very helpful for us to understand the entire concept of Counselling with help of Mock sessions and it was really helpful. Arranged guest speakers for certain topics was also very informative and interesting.Thanks for giving us the best practical exposure and we are grateful to have attended the internship under your supervision.

The 15 days of internship was a good one I had a chance to know about some topics in a proper manner and other three various sessions was a good one.I like the part of Emotional vocabulary it was very informative one as I got to know about lots of vocabularies .Though the overall days were good visiting organization was a lag part bcz of hybrid issue and IAPS Iam looking forward into that in future.

The internship was really informative and interactive. What I liked the most about the internship is that we all were able to express our ideas and thoughts throughout the session and no single session went on like regular class where we just listen. I came to know about the major issues that a corporate counselor deal with and hands on experience to deal the problems in Mock sessions.The POSH, Art therapy and Lead management expert talks were really new to me, was able to get a gist of what those mean in a workplace.

  1. Art therapy practice
  2. Mock session in progress
  3. feedback by Murzhita
  4. final day of the Internship

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