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Internship 2023

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  • Internship 2023
Internship 2023
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Glad to share that we’ve just wrapped up a fruitful internship program for the 6th consecutive year for these talented students/budding professionals from Chettinad Academy of Research and Education .

Some Reflections from Interns

I am very glad to do my internship in EXPLORE COUNSELING. The internship was very informative and I had good learning. I have learnt how to initiate a counselling session and what questions should be asked and how to ask the question. I also learnt about Art therapy and prevention of sexual harrasment (POSH) both the session was very useful and informative. –C.Ashwini

I did my internship in EXPLORE COUNSELLING and I convey my gratitude to them. At the internship time period I learned lots of things about the Counselling real counselling session. Before I’m bit how to initiate and put question forward to a client and now I had learned about how to start and some mental freedom techniques. And also learned art therapy,and about posh committee.Thanks for the useful and informative session.-C.Haaritha

During my internship at Explore Counselling, I had the privilege of participating in art therapy sessions led by Ms. Uma Ma’am and engaging Posh sessions facilitated by Dr. Veena Ma’am. These experiences deepened my understanding of the therapeutic power of these modalities. Moreover,my time here illuminated the vital realm of counseling in corporate settings, introducing me to the effective use of Socratic questions and a diverse array of counseling techniques. The mock sessions and role-play exercises were instrumental in honing my practical counseling skills, enabling me to grasp the intricacies of this profession. My internship at Explore Counselling has been a profound learning journey, and I am immensely grateful for the knowledge and experience gained during my internship. Thank you ma’am.-B. FOUZIABEGUM

I’m fortunate to have done my internship at EXPLORE COUNSELLING, under Dr. Vasuki Ma’am. She has guided me in the right direction and helped me understand the art of asking questions. Her keen interest to make me understand the intricate details about workplace counselling has helped me become more confident. Not to forget her sessions on Mental Freedom Techniques which were an eye opener for me, personally I have learnt to apply those techniques in my life to feel less stressed.The Art Therapy session conducted by Ms.Uma Ma’am has helped me realise the power of art and how even those who are not good at art can express their emotions so easily. The POSH session conducted by Dr.Veena gave me an insight about the laws, regulations and redressal mechanism for victims of sexual harassment and the importance of psychologists in POSH committee. Overall it was a great learning experience.-MATHANGI RAVIKUMAR


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