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As a student from non psychological background, It was my first ever internship related to corporate counseling, so personally what I felt is… It was an wonderful opportunity for me, in which I gained knowledge about what is corporate counseling is…what are the skills needed by the counselor for counseling …what are the workplace issues may arise and also how to handle it at the same time.. How the different fields like nutrients and art therapies have a role in counseling…The practical mock sessions was extremely useful for me to understand the counseling process even more in a detail manner..As a whole…It was an amazing internship and was really really useful.. Thank you…
I had an amazing experience taking part in the internship. The mock sessions gave me an opportunity to open up and speak, which I’ve never done before. The presentations made me look at the client’s issues from a counselor’s perspective rather than just conceive the concepts theoretically. Also, every single class was conducted in an interactive manner, which made everyone open up, ask questions and discuss. I just wish we had more time in terms of the duration of the internship so that we could have learned even more. Otherwise, I had an enriching experience overall.
The session begin from the basic knowledge of corporate counseling steps process and do dont’s. Huge thanks to Vasuki ma’am who brought different field experts and made this entire session more interactive .
This internship gave us a good insight on the practical knowledge and it was very useful for us to apply the theory part on mock sessions. Also came to know that the art therapy and the nutrition part is involved in the counseling process

On the whole we gained a vast idea of what’s the process and steps of the counselling process to the client on practical set up

This internship is informative & interactive, practical learning session was very helpful.. I enjoyed art therapy overall it was good and Happy learning😇 thank you mam
thanks for giving a great insight and learning of both corporate counselling and counselling as well
Interactive sessions and practice mock sessions made the sessions interesting as well gave the knowledge
Arranging guests speakers for certain topics also made the session very interesting and insightful.
This internship was very helpful to me, with lots of practical classes I have gained knowledge in corporate set up. And also this internship was very interacting so that it’s was an interesting internship even though it Happened via online

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