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Dr. Vasuki Mathivanan, Ph.D. is a counselling Psychologist for several schools, colleges, and corporate institutions. With over 18 years of experience in the field of teaching, counselling, research and psychological assessments, she has conducted various workshops for parents, teachers and students of many academic institutions.

One such workshop was conducted for Athena, an after-school activity center for students. Dr. Vasuki conducted a one day workshop on “Stress Management” for the parents of these children on how to manage and relieve stress when dealing with the behaviors of their kids. The workshop proved to be very successful and fruitful as several parents came back with strong positive feedbacks after indulging in the inputs given by Dr. Vasuki.

It was only apt to request Dr. Vasuki to present a similar workshop on “Stress Management” on behalf of Thulir Learning Solutions. This time, the workshop was conducted for teachers of the schools enrolled with Thulir. There was a lot expected from the workshop and  Dr. Vasuki did not disappoint either. She highlighted the nuances faced by teachers in a classroom and highlighted the factors that contribute to a stressful classroom environment. She further went on to provide useful inputs and insights into analyzing and understanding student behavior and how to turn a stressful environment into a highly productive one. The teachers were greatly enriched and elevated by her intellectual workshop and were in high spirits. Needless to say, her workshop was of great help to the teachers and Thulir is very appreciative of the time and effort contributed by  Dr. Vasuki Mathivanan.


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